Endo-met Supplements

Hi, I am Marian from Deep Healing Solutions.


I have been working with hair mineral analysis for approximately six years. I started the program due to my own ill health six years ago. I now coach others to do the same to achieve ultimate health. I work with Dr. Wilson, who designs the individualized programs for everyone who has a hair analysis completed through Analytical Research Labs. All the supplements purchased through me are fulfilled directly with Endo-Met Laboratories, and are shipped straight to you from Endo-Met Labs in Phoenix, AZ. I am excited to be able to offer this service particularly for my own clients as it makes ordering supplements a much more pleasant experience!!!

 If you have any questions in regards to the hair mineral analysis please go to the front page of my website for information and use the contact form available there or alternatively contact me directly at deephealingsolutions@gmail.com.